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Upgrade rebate code not working?
Saw this notice on PP when it sent data to server that I can get "additional discount" off upgrading from version 4.2 (what I have) to version 6 (latest) if I enter a "rebate code." It then listed the code (don't want to print it here - see attached, blocked out).

PROBLEM: When I go to the upgrade page (offering the upgrade for $29.95) and enter the code, it says it is invalid. I rechecked the code 10 times. Am I missing something? Is there an upgrade path less than ~$30?


the rebate is still working at the moment, the full link to it is http://www.portraitprofessional.com/buy/...upon=v6off

please only try to use this if you have a version 4 or older license, otherwise you will not be able to upgrade. You can see what license you have from our license manager http://portraitprofessional.com/licenses/

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