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Problem installing upgrade
I am having difficulty installing the updated version of Portrait Professional. I downloaded the trial version and decided to upgrade so I paid for the upgrade and an activation token was sent to me (I uninstalled version 4 when I knew that I wanted to buy version 6). When I tried to use this number I was given the error message

"The token that you entered has already been used, so cannot be used to activate this application."

I sent an email to customer service and was told to use the code on version 4. I no longer have version 4 installed. So, I sent another email (no response) and another email and another and another. Still no response. I am frustrated but don't know what else to do or who to contact. Anyone with a similar problem?
I'm having the same problem
I have a same problem from the customer service that no one can be a response to my problem. It was a bad service that I've been an experience.

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