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Updating 3 Licenses

Portraitprofessional now ist realy the best photo touch and enhancing sw on the market.
In have buy 3 licenses before 1/2 year.
Now i wanna update all my 3 licenses to v. 6.
so i can use all my licenses withaout a connection to the grid!
This is realy the best thing that antropics have made..bravo!!!!
how can i make this??
how can i make a updating for all my 3 stations with portraitprofessionals.
2 stations are PCs and one station is a notebook.
i wanna pay in advence mith my creditcard!


jörg haefeli
Hi Jörg,

To update your licenses just select 'Check For Updates' from the Help menu in the application and follow the instructions.

Let me know if you have any problems.

now i have real a problem!!!!!!
on this machine i ave install the version 6 (Terstversion). now i have deinstalled the version 6 and the version 4 also not start!

please contact me and give me a special offer for 3 licenses upgrades from v. 4 to v. 6!
i dont think that i pay 3x the regulary price!



we will fix this problem, please create a support ticket from this link to get the fastest response from us:


Anthropics Technology
I have pay now on 1 station the upgrade but when i wanna upgrade the
version 4 is not possible! i dont see any dialog for input the ticket...!!!
why you dont can make a normal not so complicated downlod wit
serial ..
why so complicated whyy??????whyyyy???????

i dont speak so god english for makind hours of hours diskusiion
please help now!!!!!!!!

give me a link for downloading the software and dont manuals for
upgrading dat not wiork!!!

Why i can not contact any person real, only a unmonitored mailbox!
this is shit! sry!
this shit ticket and complicated suport is very very very very bad!
it costs me time!!!!!
why you dont can make a simple transaction for the software when the payment is making like much other softwarestores?
why so complicated? i dont understand this!

I am writing an email to you now because you will not use our ticket system to allow us to help you.

This would be much easier and quicker for you if we could do this in our ticket system. I don't know if these emails will reach you because of your spam protection, and possibly your ISP will block them. Our ticket system has none of these problems and is much faster for us to reply.

Anthropics Technology

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