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Poll: Which features have you discovered? (tick all that apply)
This poll is closed.
The key to flip back and forth between the before and after images
12 17.39%
How to do small changes to the area that the skin sliders affect
6 8.70%
How to quickly make the skin sliders affect the whole body, for swimsuit pictures for example
5 7.25%
How to quickly zoom in without selecting the zoom tool
8 11.59%
How to reshape the jaw by itself
9 13.04%
How to recolour the left eye only
8 11.59%
How to create your own preset
6 8.70%
How to use projects to avoid marking up the same image twice
2 2.90%
How to do two faces in one photo
13 18.84%
I've not discovered any of these!
0 0%
Total 69 vote(s) 100%
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Quick user poll
Hi Everyone,

Here at Anthropics we've been giving a lot of thought to how easy Portrait Professional is to use, and we are interested in how many people find various functions that Portrait Professional has. This is a quick poll to find out how many people have discovered various features, or if we have made them too difficult to find. Tick the boxes of any features you have found, or the last box if you have found none. This poll only applies to users of version 5.0 and later, as some features are only in version 5.

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