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Mac Lion OS
(07-26-2011, 08:57 PM)puredodee Wrote:
Leo Wrote:Hi Dave,

Have you done a completely fresh installation? In order for an reinstall to be completely fresh the software must request the token again.

Warm regards,
Anthropics Technology

Aaaaaaah Leo, we may have hit upon something here!! I enter the token on the page where it say enter token (or email address) and nowhere else. When I enter token it gives me a choice then of downloading version for Windows or Mac (I choose Mac obviously) but it doesn't ask again for token. So what am I doing wrong?

Hi puredodee,

I'm not sure whether Leo responded by mail, but for anyone browsing the forum, here's the key to getting Portrait Professional to ask for the activation code again after an uninstall on Mac Lion. Simply go to your Home directory and hold down the option key (Alt on normal keyboards). This will make your library folder visible. Now select Preferences in the library folder and delete any files that contain portraitprofessional or anthropics in them. Then reinstall as usual and the application will ask for your token again.

Hope this helps.
Anthropics Technology Ltd.

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