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Self Portrait tests
I was shooting some tests so I sat down in my chair took some snap shots of myself.. With the aid of my trusty tripod and self timer.. I used a Nikon D70s with an 85mm F1.4 lens... The old manual focus kind.. I don't use many Auto focus lenses....

I came across this site by accident.. And now love it.... I have processed about 15 pics her so far and I am slowly getting the hang of it.... These were the first ones I did.. But the quality is pretty good for knowing nothing about this system what so ever....

Let me know what you think or if you have any tips for me let me know...

Thanks Erick




Hmmm the links aren't working anymore Sad
Are they password protected? If so, I don't think you will be able to link directly to them.
I have shown all the three links.I like all images.The quality is pretty good.I have also used Nikon D70s with an 85mm F1.4 lens.It features a traditional layout of seven elements in six groups utilizing spherical surfaces only, which Nikon claims will deliver distortion free images with superb resolution and colour accuracy, plus high contrast even at maximum aperture.This lens will be focused on image.It has very useful in zoom image.
For those who can't see Erick's pix

[Image: 004-3.jpg]

Congratulations - these photos are superb; I love the effects you have achieved. Did you use specific settings?



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