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Should I buy?
this software is the most unbelievable thing I have ever used. I have a lot of software from other companies that cost a lot more and aren't as lightning fast or good as this one. just did some senior pics of a girl that is very very plain. hate to be mean but she borders on ugly. I used portrait pro and in a minute she looked pretty but like herself. I don't know how they do it without making her look overly airbrushed or fake. she looked exactly like herself but really pretty.
I used this software before I learn how to use Photoshop, ie, at least four years ago. Comments from my customers:
1. "I have never looked so good before." When I asked them what have I changed, they can't tell! This is the "magic" part.
2. "I didn't know that all my graduating students look that good! Next year, you will do the same project for us."
3. "The best so far! Can you please do the same for 3 more photos taken by another pro." This customer printed 16"x24" portraits. Not one but 7!
Now, I use PP in combination with CS5.
For me, I measure customer's satisfaction and the speed I can achieve it. I am very happy. After 4 years of usage, I am still learning new things. This software is not perfect but I learn how to work around them.
I like it. And like most tools, a person--whether pro, amateur, or hobbyist--will have to decide how to use their tools: use them alone or in conjunction with their other tools.
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