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Way too much spam on this forum lately. Is there anything that can be done...or us members can do to try to stop this? I hate pulling up the new posts ....just to find all or most is just junk ads.
Maybe if the Admin/s learned how to use MyBB properly the spam would cease, or at least, be less

Warning System
Keeping track of naughty users has never been this easy

MyBB includes an advanced set of controls that allow you to warn users for inappropriate behavior on your forums. The MyBB warning system also allows for automatic action based on the user's warning level, as set by the forum administrator.
Warn a user for inappropriate behavior

You can warn a user from posts of theirs or from their profile. When warning a user, you can choose from preset warning times or, if enabled by the forum administrator, a custom warning type. You can also set notes that will only be displayed to forum staff, and can choose to send the user a PM notifying them of the warning. Users will also be able to see a listing of recent warnings in the User Control Panel, if enabled by the forum administrator.

If you select a pre-set warning type, you will be given the user's new warning level. Also, if the warning will cause action to be taken against the user, you will be told so.

Predefined warning types and warning levels

From the MyBB Admin Control Panel, you can choose to define warning types and warning levels. Warning types can be chosen when warning a user, and have a set title, number of points to add, and time of expiry.

Warning levels are the automatic actions that occur when users warning levels reach certain percentages. These include post moderation, suspension of post privileges, or banning. For each, you select the amount of time this punishment will last. For warning levels, in addition to the punishment, you select the warning percentage that the warning level will be enacted at.

Full warning history available for forum staff

Forum staff can view a full warning history from each user's profile. There is also a warning log of all warnings issued on the forum in both the administrator control panel and the moderator control panel.

Unfortunately, that won't help. The problem is not a small number of people who need to be warned, it's a never ending stream of different spammers who we completely ban and remove the posts of as soon as they spam at all. Warning them and waiting would just mean they each get longer to post more spam. The problem is that unless we are 24/7 on here removing spam, there will always be some spam until we next log on as it comes in so fast.
getting a heavy influx of spam lately. Sad
We are fixing this problem now. The forum code has been upgraded making it easier to deal with the spammers. Today we spent many hours deleting spam.

effort is appreciated.

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