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Plugin Compatibility With Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo - RESLOVED
I was thinking about upgrading from V10 SE to "Professional" for the convenience of using the photoshop plugin in Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo. Does anyone know if it's compatible? Most of the PS plugins I've run across seem to work with Corel however I don't have Photoshop installed on my PC. Thanks!


Re above, I went ahead and took a chance on the plugin. It works perfectly in Paint Shop Pro (X3 Ultimate, Ver 13.2) when deployed to the proper plugin directory. Smile
I don't have the Studio version of PP, just the standard version which doesn't have the plugin.  However, if the Studio version plugin is 8bf format then any software which supports 8bf plugins will work with it.  For example, Mediachance's PhotoBrush.  All of the plugins I have in Photoshop work with Photobrush.
Repligator Pro (http://www.ransen.com) also has an 8bf plugin which works with any other compatible software both 32 and 64 bit.

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