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PP 10.2.3 Crashes on Mac/10.6.7/CS4
I don't know if this new update has done any good!! certainly not for me at least previous version was not crashing like this.
I removed the previous version completely before installing the 10.2.3 on Mac Pro/10.6.7
I tried running the PP with PS CS4 plug in and PP caused the PS to crash during saving and going back to PS.
So frustrating to go through all the steps and end up with nothing, waste of time.
I don't know why they keep sending me offers to upgrade to 64 bit while they cannot make the 32 bit work properly.
I've sent the CS4 crash report to support but after 4 days still I've not heard anything back.
Hi Morad,

I have checked and we have not received an email from you - could you send the crash report to me here via PM?

Warm regards,
Anthropics Technology
morad, I just purchased PP 10.2.3 (mac version) and after one use I am having crashes. Can sometimes open, sometimes not, but either way it won't allow me to select an image to work on. Bummer. Perhaps I should have used the trial version longer than on one image.  I liked what it did so well, I bought it within minutes. I've sent in a support ticket and hope to hear from someone soon.  (It says they received it)  Will check back here and hope you/me obtain solutions.
Hi Imajule,

What OS are you running on the Mac?

Warm regards,
Anthropics Technology
Same for me. Mac OS 10.6.7, PP10.2.3.

The application crashes right after the registration is completed. I received a new token two days ago, which didn't help. Silence since then...

I mean, it's okay if it takes them some time to identify and fix the problem. But at least I would like to hear someone saying: Sorry, our fault. We will notify you when the bug fix release is ready in about a week or two.
Hi Kester,

Have you tried the suggestion I gave you in your ticket?

Warm regards,
Anthropics Technology
Hi Leo,

I was away from home for a week, but will do what you suggested and send you the results via e-mail. Thanks a lot for your help!

Best Regards,

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