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Frustrated with lack of customer service
One week ago my hard drive was reformated and had to reinstall all of my programs (yuck). When I tried to reinstall Portrait Professional I was told that my token was no good. That was OK I just sent off an e-mail requesting a new one. No response. Waited a day (keep in mind this happened on a Wednesday) and sent another mail. Still no response. I have now sent 5 e-mails and 8 days have passed with no customer support. There is no phone number for me to call and I don't know what to do. Any suggestions?
When you send an email to support@anthropics.com or support@portraitprofessional.com you will automatically receive a reply that tells you how to get in touch with a real person, and that is normally me. I will then send you a token and information on how to download the software.

If you don't get the automatic reply it will be because of spam protection at your mailbox. This seems to be a particular problem for yahoo, aol, and comcast email addresses although it will also depend on your personal settings. When this happens I try sending the same emails from various other email accounts until something gets through. Another way to contact us is with a private message in the forums.

I am now responding to you with a private forum message, and I'll send some emails to you with the information you are requesting.

Anthropics Technology
Gary dealt with a problem for me very quickly and efficiently. The customer service I received was better than most other experiences I have had.
Regards, Fred

Progress has little to do with speed,
but much to do with direction
Yes i know how customer service is I have wrote them several times and still have not recieved a reply. My question is when I purchased this program it was told that I had lifetime updates but now I see the I can not go above 4.2 and want to know why?? I have sent a email to support@anthropics.com and to support@portraitprofessional.com and still have not heard anything.
We always send a reply. If you don't receive it, this is because a spam filter or other measures on your email address or mail server are preventing our replies from getting to you.

In answer to your other question about updates, we offered free lifetime updates to version 4.XX of Portrait Professional. This is similar to many other software licenses, and it means you can get all ugrades and bug fixes to version 4 of Portrait Professional for free. To upgrade to version 5 we offer a special upgrade price that you can see from our web site.

We can't offer free upgrades to new major versions of Portait Professional due to the huge cost in research and development that is represented by a new major version.

Anthropics Technology
I have to problems with the support!!!!

I have lost my Token Number and the email and i need ot reinstall portrait Pro.
I have send 3 emails . The:

Still not a answer!

Hi, evey email gets an automatic reply, if you do not get the reply it is being blocked by your mailserver.

Have you tried going to
to manage your license yourself?

Also, I have sent you a private message on the forums here giving you the contact details for me so I can help you with your token.

Anthropics Technology
I purchased the wrong upgrade and put in an email via there customer support and no one has responded back to me. I have nothing in my junk folders.
I would love someone to contact me back.
the customer support people will be getting back to you soon, please be aware that the time here is nearly 11pm at night.

I don't know what upgrade you bought, but if you try your upgrade again now it will probably work. We made a change today to allow this.

For example if you bought an upgrade from Max v6 to Studio v9 but you don't have Max v6 then the upgrade used to fail. However now it will also work for upgrading the standard v6 software to the standard v9 software.

I'm not sure why but there are a handful of people who have bought the wrong upgrade over the last few weeks, and this now fixes it without our hard-working support guys having to get involved.


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