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Saving image from trial version after buying the retail version
I downloaded a trial version of PP10 and worked on a portrait to test out the program. I got adjusted a portrait to something I really like, however I couldn't save it. There was a message on the trial that said I could save the image if I bought the program, so I clicked on the "buy" button to buy the program.

I bought the program, downloaded and installed PP10. I still have my image open in the trial version. How can I now save the image in the trial version?
When I was using the trial version, before purchasing, any portraits I'd modified I captured with a screen capture tool and saved them that way.
I used CaptureWizPro from Pixelmetrics.
We currently don't allow saving pictures or sessions from the trial. However you can save your slider settings using the saved sliders section. Then you just need to mark up your photo again in the full version and apply your saved sliders to it.

I have a problem.  I'm logged in, if I wasn't I wouldn't be able to make this post.
But ............. top left of the page shows this
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If you can't read it it says "Hello there guest - login - register"  !!
You could try clearing your cookies for this site, or logging out and in again?


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