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Here is an example of how I use PP for portraits.
Skin toning and eye/teeth whitening and face sculpting in PP
Sharpening, colorcorrections done in Photoshop.
The first pic is the straight from camera JPG, the 2nd one is the "after"
[Image: beforeafter.jpg]
All in all not bad,
the eyes are a little too white now......reduce that some, and you should be in business!
Inside her eyes is a picture of the photographer, a distraction that causes to look away from the picture and try and want to figure out what the photographer was doing to cause that.
Agree with calisnoop, those eyes way too white!
Yes it's just the eyes too white that distracts from a good picture. I would have reduced the pores a tiny bit more as well, but then I'm no portrait expert.

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