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Poll: Feature requests for v4. Now closed, as v4 is released!
This poll is closed.
Support for 3/4 view shots
22 18.97%
Support for profile shots
18 15.52%
More control over 'more' and 'less' brushes
12 10.34%
Better zooming
2 1.72%
Raw image format support
19 16.38%
More control over skin tone
12 10.34%
16 bits per channel image support
8 6.90%
Something else
5 4.31%
Separate controls for face sculpting different areas of the face
18 15.52%
Nothing else - its perfect
0 0%
Total 116 vote(s) 100%
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Top feature reqests for v4 (closed now v4 is released)
#1 This would work so much better as a Photoshop plug in.

Right now i must loan in a jpg into PP then save out another jpg and then load that jpg into PS to do more work on it and then save it as jpg.

All this jpg saving is down grading the image file.

If it worked as a PS plugin i could do everything in PS and save the file out one time as a jpg when its all done.

#2 It needs to support Tiff files so people can load in a Tiff that has not been down graded to a jpg.
I shoot 100 % Raw and to have to save to jpg and then save and save to jpg it is killing the image quality.

#3 would love to see a sharpen brush so i can sharped eyes and mouth and what ever when needed.

#4 All brushes need to be resizeible

#5 I see no way to step back or do a undo after i use a brush. sometimes i do not like what i did but i can not got back. Please add undo going back up to 10 times back.

#6 Need to add in a way to work on more then one person.
Like after doing one person it will then let you go back and do a second person and then a third. Two people for sure would be a good start. We shoot couples all the time. Wedding, portraits.

#7 A Pro interface for people who know how to work the program. So its a fater larger view window with no help show on the side.

#8 Need to be able to run the program not hooked to the Internet.
Why is this like this it makes no sence.

So far i love the program but would love to see lots of new things added to make working with it much more productive when editing photos.

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