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Better Token Generator
I bought Portrait Professional and unfortunately installed it on my computer only a few days before I built my new system.  So when I re-installed Portrait Professional on my new computer I found the token I had was no long any good.  Of course with my luck this happened on a weekend and I assume and hope the developers take the weekends off, so I have been frustrated that I couldn't get a new token and use the program.

I would hope you come up with a better way to register the program because I for one do fresh installs about every 6 -12 months  just so that I keep a nice fresh system.  I can see this will be a problem with the current Token system.

I totally realize that this may be a small company and deserve time off but still it's very frustating to not be able to use a program you bought.

I did go through the process to get another token and I'm sure Monday morning I'll get one but Monday isn't Friday night when I needed it.

Thanks for allowing me to vent, you have a awesome program !!!!

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