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Group or family portraits
Roscoe Wrote:That's not what he's asking for  ............ he's wanting a feature whereby he can run the software on several faces in the same photograph whithout having to select the "Select another face in the picture." ..................... if you want the programming expertise just lemme know .............easy peasy .............. as long as I have the source code

First of all how do you know thats not what he is asking for?

Surely you have to select each face in turn so that you can set the relevant points for that face, for example, one person may have their mouth closed while another has it open so the points need to be selected differently or maybe even one face is in profile while the others aren't I cant see its easy to program the software to detect all the points automatically for every single face in the picture, if it is easy you could be making a fortune on it.

Maybe a program to remove excessive full stops (periods) would be handy Cool

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