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'save and open next' (F5) KB shortcut
I have been having issues with this since I purchaced the software 3 months ago. After creating a profile, I have tried to submit a "support ticket" from customer service but they just keep telling me that they will forward my message to the developers. Only to find out in 2-3 weeks later that they delete my username and "support ticket" process. I have tried three times to get an answer for this, but no one seems to want to contact me regarding it.
It is a very handy tool and worked fine when I first purchased the program.
The only way that I find that it works is if you open FILE then close it and then you can hit F5 which is a pain, so you might as well walk the mouse through the steps. I would love to know when and if you find a remedy!!!

Chell C

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RE: 'save and open next' (F5) KB shortcut - Chellsphoto - 10-18-2010, 06:33 PM

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