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Profile Photos
I tried to process a Profile Image and failed, but after searching the Feature Request Forum, someone said that PPro can handle Profiles, so I went back and tried again.

If you try fitting using Manual, then at some point in that process in small letters it says you must do it this way for Profiles.

However it's almost a joke. It is confusing and almost impossible.

First of all the Guide shows the right eye, when I could only see the left eye, so I uncertain whether I was in the wrong place. I went ahead and then marked to other corner.
Then the screen ZOOMED in and I could not see the end of the nose no matter what I did. I was unable to unzoom, or turn off the auto zoom.

So I clicked on the wrong part of the face, same for the mouth etc.

Then once it unzoomed after all the markings were done I had a huge mess which I was able to move around and after a long time I got things mostly right.


1 There is no serious support in Portrait Pro 18 for Profiles.  There should be a Profile Option, right where the choices are for Gender
2 An option to turn the Autozoom off needs to be implemented, or fixed in some way.

In fact doing Profile means doing only HALF of a face, so it should be easy. In my opinion, it is shameful, that PPro 18 cannot seriously handle profiles. There have been enough versions, and enough costs for those of us who have purchased PPro since the very beginning.  I don't want to wait and have to pay for a new version for PPro to implement easy processing of Profile Portraits.

Thanks for listening

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