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Restoration bonus
Most of my work with photos, is repair and enhancement of older damaged photos submitted to me by other folks. I've found PP to be very useful at times for many of my projects. Sometimes I use pp after making some initial repairs for tears, scratches and discolorations. This software can help finish off the overall look by smoothing out some remaining small flaws. Giving back a more even skin tone to the restorative work on the skin is very useful. Using the relight feature can really help remove less wanted detail in damaged areas, and bringing out detail that was lost in some of the darker areas. Lets me highlight what is good about the picture and tone down what is still a problem. Also, I've found that removing the area of the skin correction and putting that selection on features that are not skin, can actually even out color tones and texture in just about any area of the image.

Just for future thought on software from you guys....I think a good general photo retouch program could be a great boost with the talent you have shown in portraiture. I can picture it now with wonderful touch up brushes for not just skin, but for any section of a prhotograph...with lots of sliders (I love the slider idea.)...just imagine sections for skys, trees, material textures, with lots of different lighting features. Just a thought folks....I believe with your talent, your endeaver into touch up software is limitless....you are the best at what you do.

But, anyway, back to what I've been using this for.....as the software stands now....I would surely promote this software to those folks like me that do a lot of old photo restoration!

By the way...I've asked this before, but didn't get an answer...is there a spell check on this forum...LOL

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