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Problems With Tokens upgrading to Studio ver PortraitPro
So, I received a response from support indicating that the $89.95 upgrade I purchased was for upgrading the standard version only and that I owed an additional $20 to upgrade to studio max. However, when I look at upgrades available, the screen clearly states that i can upgrade from standard to studio max at $89.95. SOOOO... I have to submit ANOTHER message and wait ANOTHER 24-48 hours to find out why they didn't help me solve this problem with my first support request. In the interest of expediency I suppose I could have just paid the extra $20, but there were no instructions on how to accomplish that and I can't find any info on their site. Not feeling the love today.

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RE: Problems With Tokens upgrading to Studio ver PortraitPro - wyohio - 08-24-2018, 06:36 PM

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