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Remove Background Quick Look
Hi Franklin,

You are doing fine. My suggestion, you need to adjust the brush size and strength to give you a more desirable result, especially the hair. Also, I noticed that better results can be achieved by using the masking tools in a certain sequence. I didn't record the sequence just now but I would like you to experiment with it.

You surely need to try out the following tools: Soften mask edge and Find Details. You may also like to try out the Blur/Sharpen, Grow/Shrink and Shift Edge tools to see the effects.

After experimenting with your picture, PP needs to add in Lasso tool (especially free hand tracing and line tracing). With lasso tool, those areas with less distinction between background and foreground can easily be resolved.

On my Windows PC, I don't have any crash.

The other day you were asking whether there is an easy way to jump straight to background editing. Since the main purpose of PP is for facial editing, I think you could set up your own preset which automatically disable all the other tools and left with only "Background". This should save you a few extra clicks. You may also experiment with "PP setting (File->Setting) and disable Automatically detect face and gender. This is just a workaround. When PP starts up, you just go straight to "Skin Editing". In skin editing, do a "Back" and enable your own preset (I think this can can be done automatically) which will bring you to Background Removal. This is not a win-all solution but just a workaround. I hope PP will add in an extra option for "Background" at startup.

Hope the above helps.

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