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Saving while in Plug-In mode + other thoughts...
Unless it's been already addressed here, PP staff in their correspondence with me stated, that while in the Plug-In mode, there's no way to save the session for later, as it can be done ONLY with a stand-alone version. Could you please see that you incorporate that option, as sometimes I come up with some of the most amazing retouching/make-up, but suddenly have to switch to something else, using Photoshop and that becomes impossible unless I complete my retouching first.

I'm sure it might have been addressed priorly, but some of your plug-ins affect the color of the hair if it's covering part of the face, like Skin Coloring Control or adding a blush, that colors both sides of the face by default.
My other issues and observations on areas in need of attention…

I like your program, but I’d like for it to be even more likable. Sadly, a few things don’t let me fully enjoy it.
Perhaps, your technical team would like to concentrate more on facial angles other than "photo-for-passport", when the subject’s fully symmetrical face looking squarely straight into the camera. Slight turn of the head with eyes looking away and a thick strand of hair covering it -- and the software begins to struggle.
Ver. 15 was touted as much faster & more accurate at automatically detecting facial features, but unfortunately I haven't found this to be entirely so, as I still need to correct/adjust the anchor points after the program, as if I was in a full Manual Mode.

Now, for the difficult part:  I use a 6-core/12 thread i-7 Intel-based custom-built 32-bit Windows-based system and with each new incarnation of the PP program, my system gets overwhelmed with program’s scripts and virtually comes to a screeching stand-still with the use of pretty much 1/2 of the featured plug-ins that particularly require the use of a brush, like, when adjusting outlines in a dual Before/After View mode or in Skin Lighting mode and others.
Each movement of the brush, while working with the main photo OR simply moving a slider in the Skin Lighting Controls module demands ridiculous resources and causes equally ridiculous delays of about a couple of seconds – just to see the resulting changes of each such move/adjustment.
Also, once the Make Up mode is disengaged, system becomes somewhat faster and more responsive.
In SHARP contrast, in Skin Coloring Controls /View/Edit Skin Area – there’s no problem and the brush glides fast and smooth – just as it should and how system generally used to responded / behave in the very early versions of the program (ver.9+). Back then everything was instantaneous and lightning fast!
So, in the light of the above, could you kindly have your engineers look over and optimize the program’s engine (and its possibly poorly written and not optimized scripts), so as not to load a processor up to 100% when performing these routine tasks? In comparison, even version 12 is/was many “tons” lighter…

Now, for more suggestions to speed the workflow a bit:
Can you reposition your currently illogically listed plug-ins on the right in correct alphabetical order, so one doesn’t have to search and re-read their names each time plug-in is needed. Say, I look for “Hair Control” plug-in, then why is it next to last and below letters “S” and “M”?

In the Hair Control section, is it possible under “Hair Re-coloring” to make switching between the colors more “dynamic”, meaning each hovering of the mouse over a different color, affects the main picture’s hair color? In addition, could you also implement the use of the Arrow keys on the keyboard to switch progressively from one shade to the other (without mouse), once again, invoking the resulting changes on the main photo?

And it would be HIGHLY beneficial to put a RED frame over the CURRENTLY active shade in the drop down menu, so there wouldn’t be any confusion as to the current hair color. (Right now, to advance forward, I have to compare currently selected hair color to what’s on the drop-down menu, so I know what to click on next, as its’ unmarked). 
Once again: presently, your teal-colored “Hair Recolor” frame/box with the current hair color, displays that teal color for as long as you keep your mouse over it. The moment you click on the down arrow to expand the drop-down menu/palette, the teal color disappears from everywhere and nothing is highlighted anymore and everything looks the same. Having there instead a highlighted/framed in red current color choice, would greatly speed-up visually unfriendly color selection.
As for the “View/Edit Hair Area”, by clicking/adding your own “extended” area of coverage, it adds quite a strong color (pink) over the generally lighter and gentler program’s default hair coverage.
When using “Refine Edges”, though it somewhat helps, it brings new a set of issues: borders become more washed up and blurred, overlapping into the “safe” regions, like upper hairline and thinning out program’s “default areas” even more. Edge-aware “Cutting Back” brush in turn creates harsh and unnatural borders, prompting to re-extend the area once again, thus promulgating the vicious cycle.
Any chance to give the program more options in selecting the harshness of re-coloring and the smoother edges when working only with a mouse?
Additionally, the skin tanning option (face and body) isn’t dark enough to really make much difference other than to unnaturally brighten or darken the photo. The real suntan on a light skin looks quite more dramatic and different than what’s offered. Thus, in addition to and complementing a radically changed fully made-up face, having a similar “extra strength” NATURAL-LOOKING tanning option would be an equally welcome addition.
Also, I think others would agree with me in that we need more anchor points on the lips.

I think these are just a few major points to address for the creators of this otherwise great program.


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