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No PortraitPro MAX Trial
So once I found the PortraitPro MAX and seen the features {mainly the BATCH EDITING Big Grin Yeay!} I immediately wanted to try it and see if it is what I have been searching for, for forever. I went through the process of entering my name and email hoopla then once I submitted it, it says there isn't a trial available at this time, but instead it tries to get me to download the other one. Like what the heck? Sad Umm I'm sorry but I'm not going to just dish out almost twice the amount of the other one just to obtain the program with the feature I want so I can try it just for that one feature, no matter how bad I want it.....if I can't try it out 1st and make sure it fits my needs, works with the way I work, works with my style of editing and not to mention if I am able to figure out how to work it. Why offer trials for the other 2 programs but not the MAX when it has the most important feature to photographers like me that have a ton of images to edit, which literally takes every waking moment unless they batch edit, which half he time that doesn't work out too well. I use LR and PS and usually have every program I use as a plugin and when I can't us them as a plugin I end up not using it at all because I don't have time to fiddle around with it trying to try and somehow figure out the specifics of every single program just to get it working in two different programs {LR & PS}.
Is there a particular reason the MAX program isn't offered as a trial? Is there only certain times that it is? Because I will sit and wait for it bc our family is on a tight budget with 4 children, one of them REALLY close to starting college and we sure are not able to spend that large of a chunck of money on something I don't even know if I'll be able to use.
However, If here is some way I may be able to get the trial to be able to give it a whirl, PLEASE let me know and I will be forever grateful. Big Grin
Thank you in advance!  Smile

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No PortraitPro MAX Trial - TimelessMemories - 09-25-2016, 01:50 AM
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