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PortraitPro Body - Coming Soon!
I have had your PortraitPro software for several years and it's my goto program for portraits. Recently, I received your email about the new products you have and purchased both the Landscape Pro and Portrait Pro Body Studio as well as upgrading to the PortraitPro Studio. I have a Mac Pro with the latest OS X v10.11.6. When I open a photo, and I have tried several different ones, go through the settings all the way to the limbs, and right as I click on the last ankle setting (persons left ankle), the program crashes and I get a popup that says, "PortraitPro Body Studio quit unexpectedly." It goes completely away and this happens every time. I don't have any problems with any other software.
I've started two different service tickets because I didn't hear from anyone for about three days so I opened another one. Now it's been about four days from the last service ticket. Your software is top notch but your tech support sucks.
What is going on with this software?

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PortraitPro Body - Coming Soon! - CaMo - 06-15-2016, 04:22 PM
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