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Payment possibilities
(08-31-2014, 02:42 PM)Andrasta59 Wrote: Why is the payment possibilities so restricted? No possibility for Amex holders.

There is no method available to me. Can someone tell me how I can buy the product?

Don't tell me do use Paypal, I don't have it and I don't wanna use it.

If no other option is possible than the ones on the website I will not buy it. Sad

We are sorry that you do not like to use PayPal for your Amex card.
As our payment system provider does not offer Amex, we are limited to using PayPal for those transactions. If you change your mind and want to use PayPal, or other payment means, we look forward to you using our software.
Once you have done a trial, you will find a way to have it permanently on your machine.
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