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How to stop emails offering upgrades that I can't use!
I have Portrait Pro Studio 64 version V11.

I keep getting emails that tell me I'm eligible to upgrade to Portrait Pro Studio V12!

I pay the upgrade price and get the token, but it doesn't work telling me I need to get the upgrade to Studio Max!

So (i've been through this twice) I contact customer support - nothing no response at all! So next step contact Paypal and file a dispute. This gets things moving. Moving as in cancel the claim and we'll fix the issue for you, give you the version you are trying to buy. BUT I have to cancel the dispute first, which means I cannot reopen the dispute later. With my previous experience of customer services doing nothing I'm not prepared to cancel the claim until the issue is fixed.

Stalemate! I either close the claim and risk customer services ignoring me again, or I keep the complaint open and get nothing done!

I wouldn't mind but I can't even stop them from sending the damn emails!

Any suggestions how to deal with this?

Great product, but some of the most stubborn customer services I've ever come across!

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How to stop emails offering upgrades that I can't use! - KJAlger - 08-10-2014, 04:32 PM

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