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Too Much?
Thank you for your input but the lighting was not the issue. My comment was concerning the default settings the program was generating in any light. People did not like the look the program was producing. The program has since been improved but people still do not seem to like the look regardless of how much tweaking is done, I don't understand it but that is the way it is. The lighting for the photographs in question were done outside during the golden hour and I was shooting alongside one of the best known  photographers in the world, Monte Zucker, so Monte was shooting using the same light as I was and I seriously doubt you could call Monte a snapshot taker.

Ben Wrote:Well I've experimented on several images lit several different ways and and I've found the better the lighting is on the original image the better the retouching looks.  If the original was an uninteresting flat lit snapshot, the PP one is going to be a retouched uninteresting flat lit snapshot, but if the original was a beautiful well lit portrait, the pp image is going to be a retouched well lit image that looks even more beautiful.  

One last thing, images on your computer screen will look considerably different from the same image printed onto photographic paper.


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