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Eyes unrealistic.

See in line answers:

csv Wrote:Bought V8 two weeks ago , now on V9.
a) I have a problem with the eyes of the subjects looking unrealistic. i.e the eyeball is distinctively round.  the outer circle looks like it has been drawn .  

I'm not sure what you mean.  Could you post an example?

b) In the new V9 the Chin marker moves only up and down . V8 moved side ways too.

This is to improve the results.  We found that people were moving the chin marker around the chin, but as it is meant to be on the tip of the chin, it gave worse results, so we fixed it so it moves only up and down.  A lot of people spend a lot of time moving points in the second stage, but that only makes for worse results.  The best results are got by only moving the occasional point when it is very far away from an edge.

c) Ocasionally the save option does not give you the option to "save as" , instead you can only save at the previous location with same file name. I have yet to find out why the "save as" does not not always come up as an option.  

This is basically a bug.  It will only occur if you load a picture via the "open with" command in windows explorer.  If you load Portrait Professional first and either open a file or drag and drop it in, this wont happen.  We are going to release a free upgrade when we fix this issue.

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