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Enhancement request: Reset eye color change

I found a little problem with the current version:
When you play around and change the color of the iris, there is no way to reset the slider to the original color without applying a preset resetting all modifications.

Even if you set the "change eye color" to 0, it applies the grey hue. There should be an option to reset just this change to the orginal, e.g. by making the slider behave like in the "lig hue" sections, where the original color comes back when you set the slider to 0 (or double click on it).

Also the "intensify" slider in the eye sections does seem to pick up on the modiefied color only, as soon as you change it ... not on the original color.

Regards and thanks - MacSass

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Enhancement request: Reset eye color change - MacSass - 02-24-2013, 05:32 PM

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