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Alignment problem
I am having the same problem with this "haloing" effect, if you want to call it that. I noticed this only happens on pictures with multiple people. It (usually) does not happen until you edit the third face, the fourth face, and so on. It (usually) does not happen on the first and second faces. My short-term workaround has been to edit two faces and save the picture file as a .tif. Then I reopen the file and edit two more faces and resave until I am done. There may be a better solution. I really hope so. For what its worth, this is my software information:

Application: Portrait Professional Studio
Edition: Studio Edition
Product code: PPmaxL-F-en-v11.3.4 / ZRaw-v1.3

I'd love some input from Anthropics if this problem has been duplicated or from other users who are seeing this issue. Thanks and good luck!


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