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Upgraded to V11, and now PP crashes when trying to find a face
(11-26-2012, 03:26 PM)dcyphert Wrote:
(11-26-2012, 03:02 PM)Bon Wrote:
(11-26-2012, 02:47 PM)dcyphert Wrote:
(11-25-2012, 04:05 PM)Bon Wrote: I am in a real crunch, and have submitted tickets with no response. I have a deadline of Tuesday, and have upgraded to V11 three days ago.

If an image has a large face in it, there is no problem. Everything works normally. But I have many images of a model near a waterfall, and it is a full body shot. PP is not recognizing the face, and will quit unexpectedly and returns me to LR4. It leaves a message in PP that said that it's windows closed unexpectedly, and sends a long error report to apple.

There is not even an option to put the markers on the face myself, and I've not found a way to go back to a prior version of PP. I have so much to do before Tuesday...can anyone help? Is there a setting to let me identify the face myself?

I have the latest OS on an iMac.

I'm in the same boat...just upgraded to 64 bit version 11 and it won't even open a new .JPG file...just crashes and I'm under a deadline too. Are the techs on vacation?...nobody responding to ticket. I realize it was Thanksgiving weekend in the US but thought they were based in England.

I found that if I just open the application without trying to open an image, you can set the preference that automatically looks for a face to off. Then it works like it did in the previous version, (only better). I received an answer to my ticket last evening which told me to delete every old version and reinstall the new version. When I did that, all my presets were lost forever, and it did not resolve the issue. This morning I received a notice that it is a "known issue" and they told me about the work around I figured out myself. So..now all my presets are gone, which really stinks.

The one question I have in the ticket not responded too yet is Do I need to install v11 standard edition before v11 64 bit version...it appears it's more than just an upgrade...I could be wrong.

I'm currently having PC problems and in need of two new HD and a motherboard so hopefully when I do reinstall this will be resolved.

Another issue I have is running v11 on my PC and a laptop, which they told me I could do in an earlier email because they know some of us need a licensed copy in too different locations. The problem is I keep flip-flopping from one PC to the laptop and vice-versa, and keeps asking for token activation...I submit a ticket and they "grant" me another token activation. This has been going on since I purchased v10 back in Feb. 2012

I've been working with the totally new edition (since I was told to delete everything on my computer that related to PP with explicit instructions). This new version is not working at all like my old version. The skin is not detected properly, the lines do not line up with the face outline EVER, and the hair is not detected AT ALL, and ALL my presets are gone. I sure wish I had my old PP back. I wonder too now, if I needed to install the standard edition before the 64 bit? Maybe that's what is wrong with this version?


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