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Why Upgrade?
I have been using V11 to edit some 200 photos. Yes, it is buggy in certain ways. V11.1.5 is better and of course with room for improvement. Skin detection can be improved. The areas I like most:

1. Automatic face detection. This is unimportant if you have only a few photos to edit. But I have 100s of photos to edit and this is a huge time saver. Note that face detection fails normally in group photos. But there is always a manual override, ie, back to v10 style. So, I have nothing to lose.

2. Interactive facial outline adjustment. You must turn on "View Before and After" to use this feature. Just move the mouse over to the "before image" and drag the outline point(s). This feature allows me to change the targeted face sculpt manually.

3. In images with multiple faces, I can "revisit" the edited faces as many times as I wish and continue with editing where I previously left off.

4. In multiple faces images, I can see the changes to every face when "Enter" is pressed.

5. Eye-bag control

Points 1 & 2 are the main reasons why I upgrade. The other points are nice to have.

Skin detection can be much improved. But there is manual override.

To decide on upgrade or not to upgrade, why not you download the trail and test it out. I wouldn't know the workflow of individual.

I hope the above helps.

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