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Key Code Regeneration
fgerhartofsa Wrote:I would like something done in the next version to allow for the possibility of key code regeneration.

I had a virus infection on my computer recently. Prior to that Portrait Professional was working correctly.

My operating system is WINXP SP3. During the removal of the virus I was forced to go back one level of system restore TWICE. I was also forced to upgrade my JAVA install during this time as well. I do not know if that broke things but I thought that I would pass it along.

Each time I restored I then reinstalled Portrait Professional. The first time of the reinstallation the key code worked as I was hoping.

The second time though the keycode no longer works.

And obviously due the virus infection I am way behind in my work.

I have opened a help ticket but I really do need a fix for this problem quickly.

Most other software allows reinstallation on the same computer or an upgraded computer providing you have the key code. I suggest for you to strongly consider changing your key code policies.

You have a great product but I am withdrawing recommendation of your product to folks I know due to the recently discovered issues with your key code generator and the current methods of authentication.

Best Regards,

Fred Gerhart
San Antonio, Texas USA

If you go to this link Fred you can get an email sent to you containing details of the licence you've purchased and the Token details.


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