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Flood fill for extending skin area
A tip I received from the support here was ....

zoom out so you photo i even smaller than screen area (can experiment). Set your brush to be a very small detector but maximum size (i.e. very small active area in the middle of the brush. Now position the center on your skin area (like a thigh for instance) - wait for it to select the correct large area (you may need to jiggle to get it to select properly) and then click. Repeat for all areas.

You can very quickly fill large areas this way - adjusting the zoom on the image to balance between being able to select correctly but getting maximum coverage.

I probably didn't explain that too well but with some trial and error you will find you can almost get the effect you are seeking.

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RE: Flood fill for extending skin area - imcfoto - 09-06-2012, 01:04 AM

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