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Flood fill for extending skin area
(04-20-2013, 12:30 AM)leok Wrote: I agree this needs work. There is a "full body" option accessed by pressing "recalculate skin area" but it often does only a partial selection especially if the skin has freckles, cellultite etc - i.e. it misses the bits that most need work Sad

Admin's suggestion doesn't work very well, the extend brush selects background & clothes as well as skin. I just edited a series of pale skinned models on a black background, this should be really easy for the software to detect skin only but it doesn't.

Strangely cut back does a reasonable job. Surely its not that hard to only add skin coloured areas to the selection.

I would actually like full body to be the default if it could be tweaked to work a bit better. Again this is easy for the software to detect... small face in large image = full body detection needed!

I am on V12 where is this full body option please.


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