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Upgrade offer
I agree that the $20s is a minor issue. It is more symbolic about how the company perceives customers. Acquiring new customers appears to be a higher priority so they are offered a more attractive purchase offer.

It is a big deal for me because their pricing structure says new customers are more important and that offends me.

I plan to continue to use my older camera for portraits and side step the upgrade issue until the marketing departments figures out existing customers are also important and that is reflected in their upgrade offers.

(02-25-2012, 01:59 AM)MacSass Wrote: Hi,

although I do tend to agree that the upgrade price for the 64 bit version is a bit steep for what if offers compared to the studio version, I´m not sure I can follow you on your 20$ remark.

You just ordered a camera for several thousand $ but 20 bucks make a big difference for you?

Interesting - MacSass

(02-19-2012, 04:07 AM)CoastGuy Wrote: ... I have just ordered a Nikon D800 which has a 36 megapixel sensor that produces RAW images around 75 Mb. I am chiefly interested in the Studio 64 upgrade because of concerns about my ability to use your software with images the D800 will produce. As a retiree, I live on a fixed income so a $20 shift in the cost of an upgrade ($50 instead of $70) is a big deal.


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