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(02-19-2012, 01:45 AM)photorp Wrote: Any critique or advise or feedback would be welcome, both on composition and use of program.

Quite an amazing program, makes the process of touch up easy. This person was shot in the wee hours of the morning and makeup was not at it's best

One of the interesting things about photographing subjects in the wee hours of the morning ONLY the meta data knows for sure. I always wondered where the line was on retouching a photo; I found out over a period of time, several months to be exact, there is a line. The rule I follow is simple, when you shave off more than five years then you have gone to far.
Taking a portrait is the same as owning a time machine, you freeze time and in that single moment you have recorded an image of sometning. If you alter that image too much, the moment is lost along with the truth of the moment it represents.
This photo, in my estimation, is flatering given the hour it was taken and the subject was excellent. I, again my opinion, a little too much was taken off the subject, the flavor of the subjects face is a result of years of experience. The laugh lines, around the eys and mouth are who this person really is.
Do the subject justice, don't make them into someone on the front cover of Vogue when they could adorn a fire place mantle with the warmth and personality they deserve.
PP is a great program, don't over use it... other than that it was a excellent photo and keep up the good work.
PhotoProFXBig GrinBig Grin

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