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More Suggestions
See my inline comments

I just spent an entire weekend finishing a portrait album for a client.  This was the first project where I extensively used Portrait Professional throughout.  Fresh from this experience, I have several wishes for for improving the product.  These are ranked in order of importance and value, from my POV, with highest first:

- I would like there to be a keyboard shortcut for turning the visibility of the skin and hair masks on and off.

I've added it to our suggestions database.

- Undo and Redo for brush strokes would be very useful.

We currently have a single step of undo. Click undo last to undo the last brush stroke. We are considering adding more levels.

- I would like to be able to see and edit the skin mask only, with the  image turned off; this would be helpful, for instance, in quickly spotting and dealing with errors in the automatically generated mask.

I've added it to our suggestions database.

- PP is intended for frontal portraits, and it gets confused by other types of portraits, such as profiles.  PP's skin smoothing function is very good, so in order for me to apply it when working on several portraits in the album that did not include a frontal face, I had to trick PP by "lying" about where the image's facial features were, then turning off PP's face sculpt, eye and mouth controls.  It would be valuable and more efficient if PP were to offer a "no face" option during image import to accommodate such applications; in "no face" mode, the facial feature ID sequences during image import would be skipped, and the above mentioned controls would automatically be turned off.

We are currently considering profile shots for Portrait Professional. It is very high up on our priority list, so it is quite likely to make it into the next version.

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