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Upgrade Your Upgrades
(12-12-2011, 11:24 AM)John_P Wrote: I purchased v9 Studio about a year ago.

My software tells me that I'm using v9.8 and that there is a v10.6 available for trial or purchase.

I buy the upgrade.

I try to upgrade the software.

It tells me that my original serial/token/license that I've been using for v9 is actually a serial/token/license for v10 and I'm denied access to a v10 download.

Excuse me?

If when I bought v9 and it was future compatible (i.e., it was really a license for v10), how about providing a download link for the software and refunding my upgrade fee?

If this is an error, and I just paid for an upgrade, how about looking at your upgrade work flow and try to understand what went wrong?

And where can I get a link to download version 10 that I just paid for?

Also, the upgrade that I just purchased is good for v11. Really? I mean "really" good for v11 or does that mean no, not really, sorry chap...we've goofed. Again.


Hi John_P,

You got a free upgrade from v9 to v10 because you bought your license during the period that we had that offer on our site. When v10 was released we upgraded your license and sent an email notifying you of this. If you read the support section of our site you can see how to go to the license manager pages and download the software you have a license for (in this case v10).

Please go to http://www.portraitprofessional.com/supp...ket_submit and enter a support ticket requesting a refund for the upgrade you didn't need to buy.

Anthropics Technology Ltd.

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