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Poor service and major bug in PP studio
(08-29-2008, 10:51 PM)Joanncyr Wrote: I didn't know you could download PP off a website. I thought you could only download the "trial version". Can you provide the link to download from a website? I ordered PP 3 weeks ago from the US and still have not received it...or had ANY emails answered. Does this business still exist. They don't even reply on their OWN forum!


JoAnn Cyr
Vermont, USA

Here is where I bought the studio version, right off the website: http://studio.portraitprofessional.com/

Select Buy now. Just use a credit card. Be sure to copy and right down your activation code. Since you won't have a CD, make sure you back up your installer and activation code.

You should also get confirmation emails.

This worked flawlessly for me.

(04-14-2009, 09:33 AM)admin Wrote: Hi,

When Breno said this was due to an ip address change causing Portrait Professional to request activation again he was wrong. He meant to say it was the "hardware fingerprint" of your computer that must be changing. The hardware fingerprint should only change if something big happens to your computer, like you change your CPU, or some other major change of your computer. However occasionally we do come across somebody with this problem, among the thousands of people who do not have any problems. Could it be that your computer has two different CPU's because that could cause this?


Question, I installed on a new computer and hopefully the computer will last me a few years, but I may move to a larger Solid State drive, currentlyonly have a 500 Meg SSD and but as SSD get bigger and prices drop I would eventually move to a 1 or 2 TB SSD. I probably will use Acronis True Image to move to the larger drive when I do. It will be the same Computer and Processor, only a Drive size increase, I noticed the finger print includes drive space and Memory, I am currently at 16 Gigs of memory but plan to add two more 8 Gig memory cards taking my system to 32 Gigs of on board memory.

Can I expect these changes to go smoothly or will I have to call Tech Support.

Also my system in running Windows 8, but I am getting the reminder bar every day or so to upgrade to Windows 8.1 at the urge of Microsoft. If I were to do this, this is a whole new OS upgrade. Will this go smoothly?

Sorry to include this in the poor service thread. So far I have not had to deal with service support. I am new to PP12, and just joined the forum to see what I might learn about the software.

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