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Poor service and major bug in PP studio
Megatone ......... re. the constantly changing IP address. Try this

To set a manual address on a PC (XP):

1) Go to Control Panel and double click Network Connections.

2) Right click Local Area Connection and select Properties. Note, you may have more than one local area connection like I do. Select the one which you use to connect to. Or select your Wireless Connection if that's what you use.

3) In the General tab select Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) and click the Properties button.

4) Select Use the following IP address and enter the address you want, i.e. (the Subnet Mask should be:

5) Click OK on this window and OK on the one below.

You'll need to know your router's address and DNS server addresses if you want to use the internet on your PC. This may seem a lot of bother, which is why most people just stick with DHCP and let everything be set dynamically.

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