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User interface
henstt Wrote:I'm using PP since rel 4.  I can imagine improvements in the UI.  The change in rel 8 is not one of them.  Sad
Although the new UI  looks nice at first impression it's hard to use.  Buttons and sliders are less visible.  Some can hardly bee seen.  The overall impression while using it is a cluttered interface where one spends time finding the position of the button or slider one needs.  

How do other users experience the new UI?

I too am a charter member (user) and when the new version  8.0 came out I jumped on it. I am a multi license user and up-graded all my copies. I love the changes and find the lay-out very useful  and  manageable  I find the crop feature really handy and nicely done. One of  the computers I have the program installed on is the Sony UX-180p. That is a one pound computer with a 4” screen running XP-Pro (I shoot and process using RAW). The program runs great on it and is very useful for on site processing. With such a small screen the program works very well without using a key-board and just using the touch screen with a stylus. One thing I did notice is the auto sculpt feature does not give me realistic results on all portraits that I process and I have to disable it on some of the pictures. But all in all I feel the money was well spent.

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