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Sculpting a round face
I'm having a lot of fun with this program enhancing otherwise blah looking portraits.  It's a great product and fairly priced.  Thanks.

I know that face sculpting works automatically when you mark up a face and let the software do its job.  But can you suggest a means to "narrow" an overly wide face in a uniform fashion.  It seems that I can get the jaw to thin and the head to get pointy, but I don't get a consistent and pleasant thinning overall.

Along the same vein, what if my subject has an overly long face that I would like to "squash" a bit from top to bottom.  Should I manipulate the placement of the marking points?

If you have any experience along these line, kindly share it with us all.

Thanks, John

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Sculpting a round face - johnabe - 06-15-2008, 04:15 AM
RE: Sculpting a round face - admin - 06-16-2008, 09:24 AM

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