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My Baby portrait - which edit?
Hi.  This is my first attempt at using this software (which seems really good).  I've got a picture I recently took of my baby & have editted it for printing.  I have 2 versions, where I've varied some of the controls & would like some feedback before I select one for printing (or indeed if you have other suggestions).  Thanks.

[Image: 2301098843_919d32469d.jpg]

Edit 1
[Image: 2319557118_beb9f81b95.jpg]

Edit 2
[Image: 2361409575_2891ab7b9c.jpg]

I'm new to all this & the portrait shot will be a gift so I'd be grateful for any feedback you can give me.


ETA: I'm loving this software btw.

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My Baby portrait - which edit? - scatterbrain - 03-25-2008, 09:37 PM
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