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suggestion for usability
Hey, I like pp so much, the results are so great! Here some suggestions - if you work with it for hours, some shortcuts would really help:

1. "+" and "-" for zooming in and out

2. spacebar for pan-tool

3. skin-selection-tools via "b" (brush), pressing b again switches from extend to cutback and vice versa

4. radius of the skin selection tools with brackets ("[" + "]") doesn't work in german version. Something like "j" for smaller and "k" for bigger, "h" for less opacity, "l" for more opacity.

5. "tab" for switching from face-view to image-view and back

6. an option like "select everything as skin" (for just creating a quick skin-layer for further masking in photoshop)

7. a "Save and open in Photoshop" command or "send to"

8. visibility-checkboxes for "face sculpt", "skin", "eye", ... for a quick view of the effect

9. a negative direction for the expression-slider to create sader expression (also for "mouth shape" to create thinner lips)

10. maybe an item like "add skin texture" with sliders for texture size, sharpness, strength, jitter ...

Best, dnisn

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