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We want PP to work on Profile pictures
(08-05-2011, 01:35 PM)katsantonisphoto Wrote: Hi,
I am a Professional Photographer in Cyprus. I am using Portrait Professional around 3 years. I am very happy with what an amazing retouching result we get.
I recently upgrade the new version and I see that Portrait Professional upgraded to do retouching the Profile pictures. But I've noticed that some of the profile pictures(especially when the nose on the left side), the program does not do a good selection.
So, Please try to fix it.
Kind Regards,
Lefteris Katsantonis

Link deleted by Moderator

I also had to work on a profile of a woman looking chin up at her husband and the blue line under che chin was going directly in the neck. One dot may be missing to put it at the right place. It had done a pointed chin which I had to retouch with Photoshop.

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