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Version 6.3 Released - General improvements and bug fixes
Version 6.3 contains the following improvements over 6.0:

- Eye whitening in preset sub sliders now matches main sliders.
- Eye whitening is more consistent when changing slider positions.
- Improved shine slider.
- Improved spot remover.
- DPI preserved when loading JPEG and saving TIFF.
- White balance applied when RAW file loaded (for Max).
- Bug fix: odd colors appeared on subjects with significant color casts.
- Bug fix: lighting slider artifacts.
- Bug fix: eye and teeth whitening (for Max).
- Bug fix: Using eye sharpening and lighting contrast at the same time no longer produces artifacts.
- Bug fix: rare crash when using Max
- Bug fix: edge artifacts removed when using lighting slider when shape warped.
- Bug fix: saving projects with rotated images now works correctly.
- Bug fix: space bar no longer opens "buy" web page at the adjust stage.

Version 6.3 is a free upgrade to anyone owning a license for 6.0 and above.


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Version 6.3 Released - General improvements and bug fixes - admin - 10-30-2007, 09:27 AM

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