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Mac Lion OS
Hi Ejaskol,

The Home Directory is a folder on your Mac and it contains among other things, the saved preferences and settings for your applications. It will usually be named "Home" or after the Username that you are using on your Mac, depending on where you are viewing it from.

To get to the Home Directory when using Mac Lion, Open Finder and then go to the top of the screen where the File Options are. Click on "Go" to expand this menu. Now hold ALT (Option Key, usually on the right of the Space bar) and you will see the option "Library" appear. Click on Library and then go into Preferences. Look for anything with the word "anthropics" or Portrait Professional in the Preferences folder and delete it. Now the next time you start Portrait Professional, it will ask you to reactivate.

If you'd prefer more specific help with your issue, you can open a support ticket here: http://www.portraitprofessional.com/supp...ket_submit and once you explain the issue that you are experiencing, our team will find a solution.

We hope this helps.
Anthropics Technology Ltd.

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