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Unresolved Issues 4.2.5
photocountry Wrote: I am running a dual screen set up. The screen I work from is 1600 x 1200 on a 20 inch screen set at 16 bit. I am having no problem like you have. Try rebooting your computer or try system restore, If that don't fix the problem you might have corrupted the program in some way and you might contact someone to down load a fresh version?

This problem has occurred on older releases of PP as well (for months), and I have since upgraded to the latest version. The same goes for the graphics driver which also has been upgraded. I have heaps of applications installed and I have NEVER seen this elsewhere.

PP must be using some fancy vector drawing algorithms which is incompatible with my system. Just zooming using the CTRL key can cause the problem. It looks like some kind of resource overflow problem. Sometimes, but not allways, clicking "restore" (the middle of the three upper right corner buttons) can temporarily fix the problem.

In 80% of images I have no problems. Smaller images rarely cause problems.

I am using an Radeon X1300 with catalyst 7.4 and a totally up to date XP Pro version. My system has 2 GB of system memory, which should be enough.

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