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Hi I am Megan a Newbie

You guys must get tired of hearing that. (Newbie) I recently graduated from University. Been working a part time job with unpredictable schedules that have me working in different schedules every week. Not helpful! But I've managed to design up a newsletter, come up with my pricing, slowly build a blog, work on my social media, purchase a domain name. My focus in school was commercial for Advertising and Design. I do have interests in street photography and photojournalism, I did take a few photo-journalism classes.

I am wondering what other basic things am I missing to start to work with portraits, more on the focus for aspiring models? (To build new work for an Advertising and Design Portfolio.) And to get into my field of Advertising and Design? Any tips for my other interests (street photography/ photojournalism) would be greatly appreciated too.

But my focus is on Advertising and Design.

Thank you so much Fellow PhotoG's,

Newbie Megan
Hi Megan,

Welcome and congratulations on your graduation; as you've probably noticed this place is rather dead, maybe because photographers don't want people to know they're cheating by using PP to create a great photos, but me I don't mind as it's good piece of software (apart from the eyes section, it drives me insane - makes the face look unreal).

Anyway as to your question; all I can offer is take your camera out one day to a city where there is some good public places and think about the shot, try different angles and rule of thirds (remember rules can be broken) and get the bokah - I personally use an 85mm prime lens or my 70-200 f/2.8 for street photography as I'm far away from the subject.

Where about's are you located?
Megan, take lots of photos! and look at photos online that you like, and see what's in them that you like... and remember those when you're out taking your own photographs!

And above all, have fun Smile

Been to the vets with Megan this morning. She has gone to join Balee at Rainbow Bridge. To say i am heartbroken is an understatement.

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